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For tractors with an inner and outer air filter, this is the outer air filter element, radial seal. 10.938" height, 4.160" OD, 2.360" ID. For double air filter systems. Uses inner air filter TA040-93220. Paper. Product No. -- TA040-93230 | Standard Pack -- 1 Tractors: : Kubota: L2800DHV, L2800DHW, L2800DT, L2800F, L2900DT/GST, L2900F, L3010GST, L3010HST, L3010DT, L3130DT, L3130F, L3130GST, L3130HST, L3130DT, L3130F, L3130GST, L3130HST, L3200DT, L3200F, L3200HST, L3240DT, L3240F, L3240GST, L3240HST/C, L3300DT/GST/F, L3400DT, L3400F, L3400HST, L3410DT, L3410GST, L3410HST, L3430DT, L3430GST, L3430HST, L3430HSTC, L3540GST, L3540HST/C, L3600DT/GST, L3600DTC, L3600GSTCA, L3700SUHSTP, L3710DT, L3710GST, L3710HST, L3710HSTC, L3800DT, L3800F, L3800HST, L3830DT, L3830F, L3830GST, L3830HST, L39, L3940DT, L3940GST, L3940HST/C, L4200DT/GST/C, L4200F/FGST/C, L4240DT, L4240GST, L4240HST/CL4300DT, L4300F, L4310DT-GST-C, L4310DT-HST-C, L4310F/DT, L4310GST, L4310GSTC, L4310HST, L4310HSTC, L4330DT, L4330GST, L4330HST, L4330HSTC, L4400DT, L4400DW, L4400FV, L4400FW, L4400H, L45, L4610GST, L4610HST, L4610HSTC, L4630DT, L4630GST, L4630GSTC, L4630HST. . Utility Vehicles: RTV1100. Also fits L4200GSTC L3430 L3300DT L3300GST L3300F L3410DT L3410GST L4200F L4200FGSTC L4200GSTCA L4200T L4300DT L4300F L4310F L4310DT L4310GSTC L4310DT-W L2500DT L2500F L3010F L3010DT L3010GST L3010HST L3130 L3830 L4330 L4630 L2800 L2800DHV L2800DHW L2800DTF L2800DTR L2800FF L2800FR L2900DTGST L3130DTF L3130DTR L3130FF L3130FR L3130GSTF L3130GSTR L3130HSTF L3130HSTR L3240DT L3240F L3240HST L3240HSTC L3400DHV L3400DHW L3400DT L3400DTF L3400DTR L3400F L3400FF L3400FR L3400HST L3410HST L3430DT L3430DTF L3430DTR L3430GST L3430GSTF L3430GSTR L3430HST L3430HSTC L3430HSTF L3430HSTR