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 The Oliver 60 Row Crop, Orchard & Standard Service / Shop Reprint Manual contains all the information you need to take apart,  repair and put back together your Oliver Tractor. This is a reprint of the same manual that the Oliver 60 Row Crop, Orchard & Standard  tractor factory issued to the Oliver tractor dealers service department. It is written in the language that a mechanic understands. Providing information such as.

Table of Contents

·         Section I   Tractor General

·         Section II  Engine

·         Section III fuel System

·         Section IV Ignition System

·         Section V Cooling System

·         Section VI  clutch

·         Section VII Transmission Differential and final Drove

·         Section VIII steering Gear and Linkage

·         Section IX Front end equipment

·         Section X Attachments and optional equipment

·         Section XI  Service equipment and information

·         Section XII General Information

The service manual will show shortcuts and save you time and money.

Also consider purchasing both the operators and parts catalog / manual for your tractor, if available. The operator's manual adds all the basic information meant for the end user of the machine, while The parts manual will make it much easier to find the right parts for the job and show in detail how the components are put together.