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The Farmall International 200, 230, 240, 340, 404, 460, & 560 Tel-A-Depth Service Manual GSS-1032 Service / Shop reproduction Manual contains all the information you need to take apart, repair and put back together your Farmall Tractor. This is a reproduction of the same manual that the factory issued to the Farmall tractor dealers service department. It is written in the language that a mechanic understands. Providing information such as.


  • General Specifications

  • General Description

  • The Cylinder head

    • Specifications

    • Removing the Cylinder head

    • Disassembly of the head

    • Valve Guides

    • Valve Seat Inserts

    • Valves

    • Valve Springs

    • Energy Cells

    • Injection Nozzels

    • Rocker Arms and Shafts

    • Valve Push Rods

    • Installing the Cylinder Head

  • The Crankcase Assembly

    • Specifications

    • Preliminary Information

    • Checking Sleeve Wear

    • Re-Ringing

    • Installing Cylinder Sleves

    • Piston pins

    • Connecting Rods

    • Piston rings

    • Crankshaft and Main Bearings

    • Camshaft

    • Front Oil Seal

    • Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal

  • Oil Pump


The service manual will show shortcuts and save you time and money.

Also consider purchasing the operators, parts catalog and service manuals for your tractor, if available. The operator's manual adds all the basic information meant for the end user of the machine, while The parts manual will make it much easier to find the right parts for the job and show in detail how the components are put together.