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Ford: Valve With Handles Two-Spool 2000 Psi. Relief One-Spool Tandem (4-Way) Float Position With Spring Center To Neutral And One Spool Tandem (4-Way) Spring Center To Neutral. For Small To Medium Sized Tractors Domestic And Imports. Massey Ferguson: Valve Hydraulic With Handles Two Spool 2000 Psi. Relief One Spool Tandem (4-Way) Float Position With Spring Center To Nuetral & One Spool Tandem (4-Way) Spring Center To Neutral. Hydraulics: Two Spool Hydraulic Valve With Handles. First Spool 4-Way Position; Second Spool 3 Position 2000 Psi. Relief First Spool Float Position With Spring Center To Neutral And Second Spool Spring Center To Neutral. -- Hv4021 | Standard Pack -- 1 Models: Mf1155 Mf130 Mf135 Mf150 Mf1500 Mf1505 Mf154-4 Mf154-4S Mf154S Mf164-4S Mf165 Mf174-4S Mf174S Mf175 Mf180 Mf1800 Mf1805 Mf184 Mf184-4 Mf185 Mf194 Mf194-4 Mf194-4F Mf194E Mf194F Mf220 Mf230 Mf231 Mf235 Mf240 Mf245 Mf25 Mf250 Mf252-4 Mf253 Mf254-4 Mf255 Mf2640 Mf265 2675 Mf270 Mf2705 Mf274-4 Mf2745 Mf275 Mf2775 Mf2805 Mf282 Mf283 Mf285 Mf288 Mf290 Mf294-4 Mf298 Mf30 Mf3050 Mf3060 Mf3070 Mf3090 Mf3120T Mf3140 Mf333 Mf340 Mf34A Mf34B Mf35 Mf350 Mf3505 Mf3524 Mf3525 Mf3545 Mf355 Mf360 Mf362 Mf3630 Mf364S Mf365 Mf3650 Mf3660 Mf3670 Mf3680 Mf3690 Mf374 Mf374S Mf375 Mf3780 Mf383 Mf384 Mf384S Mf385 Mf39 Mf390 Mf390T Mf392 Mf393 Mf394 Mf394S Mf398 Mf3989 Mf398T Mf399 Mf444 Mf4800 Mf4840 Mf4880 Mf4900 Mf50 Mf59 Mf590 Mf65 670 Mf690 Mf698 Mf699 Mf85 Mf88 Mf90 Mf95 Mf97 Super 90 Super 95 Te20 Tea20 To20 To30 To35 Mf40 Mf68 Mf292-4 Mf396 Mf2675 Mf3095 Mf3125 Mf3655 Mf4245 Mf4255 Mf4260 Mf4263 Mf4265 Mf4270 Mf4360 Mf4370 Mf6100 Mf6120 Mf6150 Mf6170 Mf6180 Mf6190 Mf6270 Mf6280 Mf6290 Mf8100 Mf8210 Mf8220 Mf1654 Mf135 Orchard 101 Jr. Mf168 Mf178 Mf188 Mf60 Mf1030L Mf1035 Mf3075 Mf6245 Mf6255 Mf8120 Mf8140 Mf8150 Mf8160 Mf8240 Mf4225 Mf4235 Mf4325 Mf4335