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Cummins H-NH Maintenance Operators Manual is a reproduction of the original and covers the following: Principles of Operations: Cummins Diesel Cycle, The Lubrication System, The Fuel System, Engine Governors, Injectors, The Cooling System, The Air System, Basic Engine Models Treated in the Manual Operating Instructions: New Engine Break In, Pre-starting Checks, Engine Warmup, Engine Speeds, The Instrument Panel, Maximum Horsepower, Hight Altitude Operation, Down Hill Operation, Engine Shutdown, Cold Weather Protection, Operator’s Daily Report, Generator Parallel Operation Maintenance Operations: The Maintenance Schedule, Preventive Maintenance Application, Scheduled Maintenance Operations, Lubrication System Maintenance, Lubricant Specification, Fuel Systems Maintenance, Fuel Oil Specification, Cooling System Maintenance, Air System Maintenance, other Maintenance, Major Inspection, Engine OverhaulEngine Unit Replacement: Clean Engine Exterior, Generator, Cranking Motor, Corrosion Resistor, Thermostat, Water Pump, Turbocharger, Supercharger, Oil Cooler, Fuel Pump, Air Compressor, Injectors, Cylinder Head, Horizontal Engine, Four Cylinder Engines, Governor Adjustments TroubleshootingEngine Specification