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12" Diaphram Pressure Plate with 1-1/2" x 23 Spline Hub. Flywheel step .845"Fits John Deere models 20 Indust/Const, 20E Indust/Const, 20F Indust/Const, 231, 231S, 240N, 240P, 240S, 25 Indust/Const, 253, 253 UK, 253S, 261, 263, 265, 271, 275 UK, 281, 282, 290 UK, 30E Indust/Const, 30H Indust/Const, 40E Indust/Const, 50E Indust/Const, 50EX Indust/Const, 50F Loader, 50H Loader, 50HX Loader, 60H LoaderReplaces AL120024 AL23095 This part is for for U.S. built equipment. If you have equipment that was built elswhere, please contact us and we will confirm the part will work for you.